What We Do

PBCi is a Florida-based company, which was originally founded in 2012 as Proactive Business Concepts, Inc., transitioning to PBCi, LLC in 2014.  We believe that small businesses are the backbone of commerce. Our company was created to support entrepreneurs in a real-world approach that blends 20 years of experience, relationship-building, and resourcing to the ultimate benefit of our clients.

The bottom line is we believe in and care about YOU.  We strive to contribute positively to our customers and community. We are committed to serving the highest good of customers, affiliates, and community partners. PBCi is proud to gauge our success by the success of our clients.

Who We Are
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    Our Vision

    To identify, create and implement quality training programs, offer pragmatic consulting solutions, and nurture business development with creative networking forums.
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    Our Mission

    To provide purposeful, immediate and concisely-tailored services to its customers, with an ultimate goal of contributing to the prosperity of our customers and our community.
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    Code of Ethics

    We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers, with consistency, integrity and honest professionalism, keeping contemporary industry-standards as the primary gauge for our performance.
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At PBCi, Our Goals are Simple:
Save You Money, Save You Time, Promote Your Business, and Contribute to Your Prosperity. Learn More


The PBCi Team

Our PBCi team wants to help you realize your business goals and your vision.  And that may take some creative, efficient, outside-the-box thinking and methods.  Luckily for you, PBCi is totally up to the task!

Our experienced in-house team and network of community partners are here to guide you every step of the way, through hands-on collaboration and calibration.

Get to know us!

One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.

Lewis Carol

Bridgette Baker



Gregory Baker

Vice President


'The Networker'

Bridgette Baker


Bridgette brings to the organization 20 years combined Training and Quality, Account Management, Communications, and Operational experience. As an entrepreneur, she utilizes her corporate experience, down-to-earth nature, and big heart to provide creative training and consulting services to small businesses and public sector organizations. Bridgette can be reached at bakerbve@pbciusa.com.

Strategic Planning
Business Consulting
Customer Service
Business Networking
Bridgette’s Faves

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

Favorite Color:



Creative Writing, History/Biographies, Radio Show Host

Favorite Musicians:

Michael Jackson, Alanis Morisette, Bob Marley

Greg’s Faves

“Never over-promise.  Always over-deliver.”

Favorite Color:



Bike Riding, Restoring Cars, Sports

Favorite Musicians:

Prince, Michael Jackson, Billy Idol

'The Real Deal'

Gregory Baker

Vice President

Greg brings to the organization his 20-plus years of Retail Operations experience, with a focus on Operations, Human Resources, and Administrative Training and Development. As an entrepreneur, Greg uses his experience in the private sector and his pragmatic outlook to conduct industry research for educational trainings and seminars. Greg also oversees client administration and corporate operations. Greg can be reached at greg@pbciusa.com.

Customer Service
Human Resources Management
Retail Management
Operations Management

What People Say About PBCi

  • D. Pickens
    D. Pickens
    Office Depot
    "This organization is one of great growth and integrity. I highly recommend this organization for start up as well as established Small Businesses."  
  • T.Imme
    Wisco Funding
    "I have found Brdgette Baker and the whole network of [PBCi] to be an amazing asset to my own business...I look forward to building even more shared success with them."
  • K. Smith
    K. Smith
    Teicnic Industries
    "PBCi has been a life saver for my business."
  • R. Phillips
    R. Phillips
    RST Motors
    "PBCi has provided my company with impeccable service and professional advice."
  • D. Harris
    D. Harris
    Deerealist Techs
    "From their consulting to the seminars and workshops, I've gotten everything I need to make my business a success."
  • K. Toomer
    K. Toomer
    WordSword Publishing
    "With [PBCi] you receive hands on consulting and guidance coupled with a passion to see others flourish."

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