What we do

    Working Capital. New Equipment. Payroll. Business Expansion.

    You need cash to get started, and to keep your business moving forward. PBCi has the resources and the know-how to help you keep your business infused with capital.

    Whether you are a non-profit or for-profit organization, PBCi is on the pulse of programs, services, and entities that can get you the cash you need.*

    *Some programs include credit requirements and minimums, and other eligibility criteria.  Speak with a PBCi team member to learn criteria details.

    Funding Solutions for Your Business

    Loans & Lines of Credit

    From microloans, credit cards, and lines of credit to large capital infusions, PBCi has the experience to help you navigate the lending process.  Our network of reputable and certified lenders offers a variety of lending products, so we can find just the right fit for your needs.


    Count on PBCi to work hard to find available grant resources for your 501c3 or for-profit organization. Our experienced team will ensure you are organized and prepared for the application process, so you can feel confident in your chances of grant approval.

    Small Business Programs

    PBCi specializes in researching local, state, and national programs offered through both public and private sectors.  We strive to stay on the cutting edge of programs that can provide valuable resources for your business by way of equipment, funds-matching, training, and more.

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    PBCi Pre-Q™

    Small Business Loan Pre-Screening Program

    Need a Small Business or Start-Up Loan?  PBCi understands that small businesses need financial support for a wide variety of reasons, and we’re here to help! The PBCi Pre-Q™ Program is designed to increase your chances of getting financed**, by providing a specially-structured combination of assistance and services:
    • Loan Application Pre-Screening Services
    • Pre-Loan Preparatory and Education Services
    • Loan Documentation Review, Organization, and Processing
    • Single Point of Contact for Loan Status Updates
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    Quick, Easy, & Secure

    We will help your company select the right financing or funding source for your circumstances and needs.

    Convenient Pre-Qualification

    Our PBCi team provides Step-by-Step Consultative Services, ensuring you are prepared BEFORE you apply.

    Hands-on Support

    PBCi assists with all documentation review, organization, and processing.

    **PBCi does not guarantee funding approval. PBCi acts as a third party loan, grant, and small business program screening and processing partner for funding entities and lending companies. Some programs include credit requirements and minimums, and other eligibility criteria.  Speak with a PBCi team member to learn criteria details.
    • "This organization is one of great growth and integrity. I highly recommend this organization for start up as well as established Small Businesses."  

      D. Pickens
      Office Depot
    • "I have found Brdgette Baker and the whole network of [PBCi] to be an amazing asset to my own business...I look forward to building even more shared success with them."

      Wisco Funding
    • "PBCi has been a life saver for my business."

      K. Smith
      Teicnic Industries

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