Frequently Asked Questions

Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much.” – Francis Bacon

Events FAQ
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    I purchased event tickets and I'm unable to attend. Are tickets refundable?

    With rare exception, events tickets are non-refundable.  Please see the details of the event for complete information.

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    Do you offer discount admission if I'm planning on attending multiple events?

    Our PBCi NetWorker™ package members enjoy discounts on all Next Level Networking™ Events, and can earn free admission.

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    How do I learn more about becoming a Guest Speaker or Sponsor for an upcoming event?

    If you’re a PBCi Partner™ package member, you’ll be proactively contacted for sponsorship and guest speaker opportunities.  If you’re not a PBCi Partner™ yet, just Contact Us if you’re interested in sponsoring an event or campaign, or if you’d like to be a guest speaker at an event or on our Ask PBCi™ Consulting Forum.

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    How do I include my event listing in PBCi Community Events?

    It’s simple!  Just complete the Community Events Listing Request located on the Contact Us page.  Our team will review the request, and upon approval, will post your listing for 30 days.

Training FAQ
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    is your Training for business owners or employees?

    Both! Our Training solutions are designed for the development and support of all professionals.

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    Do you offer discount admission if I'm planning on attending multiple Training events?

    Our Train to Success™ package is just for you! It offers 10% Discounts on all our training, including all Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, Teleseminars, and K.O.D.e.™ (Knowledge on Demand eTraining™).  The basic Train to Success™ package used for up to three (3) employees/members of your organization, starting just $12/mo.

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    I need training on a topic that is not listed.

    We offer customized training solutions to meet the needs of your growing business and/or the development of your employees.  Contact us and a PBCi Team Member will reach out to discuss your needs.

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    I can't get out of the office to attend training classes.

    We know that our fellow professionals are busy. PBCi offers online Webinars and Teleseminars that can you attend, right from your desk!  We also continue to expand our catalog of online K.O.D.e.™ (Knowledge on Demand eTraining™) courses, to make your training and development even more convenient.

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    I see that PBCi specializes in Funding & Grant Resourcing. Are there grants that pay for my training plans?

    Maybe!  Depending on the area that your business is located in and other qualifying criteria, there may be grants or programs that may help pay for your training and development plans.  Schedule a free consultation with us for more information.

PBCi Packages™ FAQ
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    What is a PBCi Package™?

    PBCi Packages™ are conveniently bundled services designed to save you money.  Each package has a specific focus, and is packed with great discounts, special offers, and other member benefits.  Learn more.

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    How long does a PBCi Package™ membership last?

    PBCi Package™ memberships last for one (1) calendar year, starting from your date of enrollment.  We know you’ll love your membership, and you can renew for another year at any time.

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    Can my company have more than one type of PBCi Package™ membership active at the same time?

    Absolutely!  You can choose as many PBCi Packages™ as needed to help your company be at its best.  However, if you plan to enroll in a four (4) packages, we suggest speaking with a PBCi Team Member first.  Maybe there’s a custom solution that might better suit your needs.

Affiliates FAQ
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    How much does it cost to become a PBCi Affiliate?

    Exactly zero dollars.

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    How much Commission can I earn as a PBCi Affiliate?

    All PBCi Affiliates can earn up to 20% Commission on paid referrals.  Please refer to the PBCi Commision Scale for details.  There’s no cap on the number of paid referrals from which you can earn commission. You’ll keep earning as long as you’re a PBCi Affiliate.

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    How can I track my PBCi Affiliate earnings?

    It’s easy!  Just log in to the PBCi Affiliates Area.  You’ll be able to see a list of all your paid referrals, including dates, products/services purchased, and your commission payout amount.

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    What's the difference between a PBCi Affiliate, a PBCi Partner™, and Community Partner?

    PBCi Affiliates is a free program that allows your company to earn commission on paid referrals to our PBCi website.  The PBCi Partner™ package is a paid membership which also pays commission on paid referrals to PBCi, but also includes many other member benefits.  PBCi also partners with various community, civic, and private organizations who provide valuable services and support to PBCi and our clients.

Privacy Policy


  • "This organization is one of great growth and integrity. I highly recommend this organization for start up as well as established Small Businesses."  

    D. Pickens
    Office Depot
  • "I have found Brdgette Baker and the whole network of [PBCi] to be an amazing asset to my own business...I look forward to building even more shared success with them."

    Wisco Funding
  • "PBCi has been a life saver for my business."

    K. Smith
    Teicnic Industries
  • "PBCi has provided my company with impeccable service and professional advice."

    R. Phillips
    RST Motors
  • "From their consulting to the seminars and workshops, I've gotten everything I need to make my business a success."

    D. Harris
    Deerealist Techs
  • "With [PBCi] you receive hands on consulting and guidance coupled with a passion to see others flourish."

    K. Toomer
    WordSword Publishing



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