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Step 1

Register to Become an Affiliate

  • Create a Username and Password in the affiliate registration form (below).
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Step 2

Activate Your Affiliate Account

  • You’ll receive an Email Confirmation requesting W-9 Info for Tax Purposes.
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  • Remember, commission payouts can’t be processed without this information on file.

Step 3

Refer Clients, Colleagues, Friends, & Family

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  • All Paid Transactions using your Affiliate Link are tracked.
  • You can track your Affiliate Link activity, Commission Earned, and other useful information in your Affiliate Area.

Step 4

Receive Convenient Commission Payouts

  • Commission Payouts are processed on the 1st Friday of each month for the previous month’s paid referrals.
  • Payments are credited to your PayPal account FREE OF CHARGE.
  • There are NO PAYPAL FEES to PBCi Affiliates.

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