5 Reasons You Need a Website

5 Reasons You Need a Website

Like many others, you may contemplate why you need a website. Small businesses, especially new small businesses, are trying to control expenses as much as possible. When spending is considered, necessities and urgent matters are usually what takes precedent. So, it’s easy to see why some business owners might think a website is a luxury item they can afford to live without. 

With this mindset, small businesses may believe a Facebook page is enough for an online presence. Or, they may rely on handing out flyers with their contact info, or on a traditional mailer will help them sell products. But the truth is, promoting your business with a professional website will help it grow exponentially. An effective website may prove to be a cornerstone of your business. Believe it or not, your customers expect you to have one.  Here are some reasons why you need a website that works hard for your business:

1. It Does the Work For You

Your website acts like your digital assistant so customers can learn more about your company. It gives prospects and potential collaborators a place to research your product and service information, and determine if they want to do business with you.

2. It’s a Part of Your Sales Team

Your website will be your 24-hour sales staff. It provides a forum where your customers can go for answers to frequently asked product/service questions, and can even process sales. Websites with e-commerce and purchasing options allow users to make direct purchases online, thus simplifying sales for both your staff and your customers.

3. It’s a Connection Tool

Even though you may already have an established customer base, a website will help you to connect with new customers who might be unfamiliar with your business. In addition, you can use your website to collect valuable feedback from customers and prospects. Your website should encourage visitors to interact and communicate with you.

4. It’s a Support & Solution Tool

More than ever, people are turning to the internet when they have a problem. Having a professional website puts your business in a position to be a problem-solver for your customers’ needs. Depending on your industry, it may be appropriate to allow customers to open support tickets on your website, or be able to chat with your staff when they have a problem.

5. It Can Build Exposure

Plus, you can optimize your site with search terms related to your industry. This will expose your business to new customers on the prowl, that you may have never come into physical contact with otherwise.


There are many more valuable reasons to ensure that a website is part of your business’ marketing strategy – these were just a few.  All in all, a well-designed website is worth the investment!  


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So again, while we believe that not every person needs a website, we’ve shown you why every business needs a website.

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