Eating Healthy on the Go!

Eating Healthy on the Go!

When we struck out on our own as entrepreneurs, our eyes full of stardust and the hopes of fulfilling our dreams of success, we were ready for our share of challenges.    Business Plan?  Done.   Start-up Capital?  Check.  Changing Economy?  Got it covered…

One thing that many of us were not prepared for was the possibly drastic change in our daily eating habits.   Many entrepreneurs sometimes find it challenging to stick to a healthy eating routine, especially when they’re really busy.  At one point I thought it was just me; but in speaking with many of my colleagues, I realized I wasn’t alone in the struggle.

The Challenge

“I’m running around on appointments all day, and sometimes the convenience of a drive-thru window is just too tempting to pass up,” admits a fellow business owner who runs an internet marketing company.

Another colleague recently expressed, “I know I should probably pack something to take with me to eat during the day, but honestly, the thought of adding one more thing to my to-do list just deflates me.  In the end I just run out the door and say I’ll figure it later.”

Does some of this sound familiar?  For some of us, this part of the challenge crept up on us during our transition from Employee to Business Owner.   In our previous corporate lives, many of us (myself included) had a standard daily routine when it came to eating.  For example, I packed my own breakfast, lunch, and snacks almost every day, and ate at the same times most days.  That was just the way it was.  It was economical, sure – but I don’t think it dawned on me as a “health” decision.  Until…

My first year in business, my partner and I ate fast food lunches more often than any other time in my life!  We were hustling and bustling, trying to build the business; I was honestly just not thinking of the health ramifications of those scarfed-down lunches in my car, speeding to the next appointment or event.  It took no time for me to pack on a lot of extra weight, and get a pretty stern talking-to from my doctor.  I decided that there had to be a better way.

It’s Time to Make a Change

In honor of all my fellow entrepreneurs out there, I’ve put together a little list of easy, healthy lunches and snacks that we can prepare in advance or grab on the go.  It may take a slight change in your routine to pack some things in a little cooler, or take some time out from the rat-race to nourish your body (and while you’re at it, take a break and get some sunshine!), but it’s well worth it.

Take a look at my latest Eating Healthy on the Go guide, Top Picks for Healthy Snacks and Lunch.  Do you have some easy, healthy meal ideas to share with our small business community?  Leave your comments or post them to our Facebook page.

As entrepreneurs, our daily routines may fluctuate from day-to-day.  However, it’s still incredibly important that we get proper nutrition and balanced meals.  That means trying our utmost to avoid the fast-food lure, and making our health a top priority.  Remember that you ARE your business.  Your business can’t run properly without a healthy, happy YOU.  So invest a bit of energy in fueling your body with good food, and reap the rewards.



This PBCi Buzz post is part of our Mind, Body, & BUSINESS™ Series.  As Entrepreneurs, what’s happening in our Minds and Bodies – whether mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or physically – directly impacts, and is connected to, the decisions we make in our businesses and how we manage them.

Our Mind, Body, & BUSINESS™ series explores that connection by providing much-needed tools, resources and support for our fellow Entrepreneurs.

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