Is Movement the Same as Progress?

Is Movement the Same as Progress?

Is Movement the same as Progress?  A rocking chair is in motion, but it goes nowhere!

The PBCi Team opened a recent discussion with the question: What is progress?

The response was overwhelming!  Naturally, this question led to many more questions related to the topic of progress, including: as entrepreneurs, how are we measuring progress?  Is the definition of “progress” the same for my business as it is for your business?  How can we apply actions daily that will foster progression towards our goals and vision?  We received great input from our discussion group’s wealth of experience.

Here are the top 6 takeaways from the discussion on Progress versus Movement:

  1. We must plan and strive for perpetual progress!  Once goals are met, the job isn’t over!  We must plan for the maintenance that naturally follows attaining a goal.
  2. Don’t let positive cash flow mask the need for the analysis and strategic action that will foster continual progress.
  3. Progress is sometimes the recognition that things may need to be done differently.  Just because you’ve always done something one way doesn’t mean there isn’t a more efficient or cost-effective way to do it.  It may be challenging, but be open to implementing change.
  4. Your Vision is actualized in the spirit of your policies, procedures, operations, and administration.  Your vision for progress translates in all aspects of the daily actions and tasks that define your business.
  5. Managers should be the CEO’s of their respective departments.  In order for our vision to be applied in all aspects of the business, our managers should be educated and empowered to implement the actions that foster progress.
  6. Acquisition of new technology and new “things” doesn’t necessarily equal progress.  Yes, it is good to take advantage of new technologies and methodologies.  However it’s the way that those things are utilized that will determine the level of progress.

As we move forward in 2016, let’s not lose sight of the activities and endeavors that bring true PROGRESS.  Do you have more tips to share on the topic of Progress versus Movement?  Please share in the Comments.


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