Best Conference Quotes of 2015

Best Conference Quotes of 2015

2016 is officially in full swing!  The PBCi Team has resolved, just as every entrepreneur I know, that this will be the year to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.  We owe part of our 2016 resolve to some of the great experiences, wise words, and guidance we received at great events we attended in 2015. In the spirit of sharing some of those “ah-ha moments”, we present our top picks for the Best Conference Quotes of 2015.  

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did, and that they motivate and inspire you on your road to greatness this year.  Feel free to add your own Favorite 2015 Quotes in the Comments!

Willie Jolley QuoteTraci Lynn QuoteEd Wood Quote 2Napolean Hill QuoteUnknown Quote 1Ed Wood QuoteOmar Periu QuoteUnknown Quote 2Bob Kittell QuoteGuy Kawasaki QuoteBob Kittell Quote 2Unknown Quote 3Shanti Das QuoteWilliam Shed QuoteTraci Lynn Quote 2Brent Nagy QuoteOmar Periu Quote 2

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