4 Tips To Keep Your Small Business Progressing

4 Tips To Keep Your Small Business Progressing

How can I keep the ball rolling and the momentum going?  How can I keep my business moving forward?  These are questions that I not only ask myself, but I hear from clients and colleagues often.  One of our main company themes is ‘Progress Not Perfection’.   In that same spirit, here are a few simple ways to keep your small business progressing and success flowing.

•  Take advantage of the new technology of your industry whenever possible, and find innovative ways to apply it in your business.  This doesn’t always mean you have to spend a lot of money!  Some technology can be applied in very simple ways, to streamline your tasks and make your day a little easier.  There may be innovations that benefit your customers and clients, and add value to your service offerings. Check out new apps, software, and methods in your industry and the industries of your target clients to remain current and foster progress.

•  Set time-bound and specific business and operational goals, then analyze and communicate progress in respect to those goals.  Review these goals and actions regularly – perhaps quarterly or even monthly, depending on the degree of impact on your business. Was progress made? Why or why not?  Action plans should reflect the end goal, which is always PROGRESS of some sort.

•  Respect your competition.  Researching and understanding your competitor may be one of the most overlooked business resources!  Even if you are considered a “leader” in your field, don’t allow yourself to become complacent.  Taking time to educate yourself on the activity of your marketplace and working to maintain your competitive edge can only result in progress…don’t get left behind!

•  Try to stay a step ahead of expectation.  One of our clients recently shared an excellent anecdote about giving a presentation that far surpassed its expectation.  Not only was he awarded the contract, but his competitor actually inquired about the technology used to conduct the presentation!  It goes without saying that surpassing expectation on any front breeds interest, loyalty, and great referrals! All of which are great vehicles of progress for your business.

Do you need help pushing your business to its next level?  Request a Free Consultation from a friendly, professional member of the PBCi Team today.


This post originally published in August 2015.  Revised and re-published in May 2016.
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