Build Your Sales Strategy with 3 Easy Questions

Build Your Sales Strategy with 3 Easy Questions

As with every other piece of your growing business, taking time to create a sales “plan of attack” can only benefit you in the short and long run.  Starting a solid sales strategy doesn’t have to be complex or intimidating. We often advise clients to start with the basics, and we work our way from there.  Answer these straight-forward questions to get moving in the right direction:

1.  What do you sell? This may seem obvious, but is it really? When you boil it down to basics,  the answer to this question is your actual end-PRODUCT or SERVICE.  It’s the tangible or intangible “thing” that you sell.  For the sake of this example, let’s call your product a “Thingy” (creative, I know).

2.  What does the customer buy?  This is the SOLUTION that your Thingy provides to the customer.  It’s the VALUE that your customer associates with, and ultimately gains from, the purchase of your product or service.  This answer will have a direct impact on your operational strategy as well as your sales strategy.

3.  Why should they buy it from you?  In our opinion, this is perhaps the most important question to ask and answer, as it will drive not only your sales, marketing, and operational strategies, but will mold other aspects of the business as well.  The answer to this question defines the UNIQUE VALUE-ADD that your Thingy brings to the marketplace.  What makes yours more special than everyone else’s?

Of course this isn’t a whole strategy, but it’s a great place to start.  I believe the next tier in your strategy would begin with the question “WHO is buying your Thingy?”, and so on.  Is there a lot more that eventually goes into a comprehensive sales strategy?  Absolutely.  However, until you’ve answered these 3 vital questions, you shouldn’t even consider selling a single thingy.


Do you need a solid, scalable Sales or Operations Strategy for your small business?  Smart people ask for help!  Contact us today for a Free Consultation.


This post originally published in June 2015.  Revised April 2016.
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